Electronic Publication: Notice of Public Sale

Welcome to the Notice of Public Sale, Electronic Publication website.

Since August 2012, the Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs (DCCA) has maintained, pursuant to Hawaii Revised Statutes §667-27(d), a website to provide for online publication of owner-occupant nonjudicial foreclosure notices of sale. In the year following the website’s launch, DCCA has added functionality to include notices of public sale for judicially foreclosed properties (HRS §667-20(2)), nonjudicial foreclosures that are not owner-occupied (HRS §667-27(d)(2)), and properties foreclosed under the Association Alternate Power of Sale Foreclosure Process (HRS §667-96(d)(2)). Electronic publication of notices of public sale costs $300 per notice (HRS §667-76(b)).

To view notices of public sale click on the following link:
Electronic Publication: Notice of Public Sale

If you are interested in publishing notices of public sale, electronically,read the following Publisher’s Guide first:

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Hawaii Revised Statutes §667-20

夏威夷修订法规§667 - 27所示

Hawaii Revised Statutes §667-96

Hawaii Revised Statutes §667-76