A description of DCCA’s mission with links to key services.

Overview/Services GOALS

DCCA’s goals are to promote a strong and healthy business environment while protecting the community from unfair and deceptive business practices. The areas covered by these goals are set by the Legislature through theHawaii Revised Statutes(HRS) and further clarified through the DCCA’sHawaii Administrative Rules(HAR). To cover these areas, DCCA is organized into divisions, offices and branches. A brief summary of DCCA’s organization and services follows. Greater detail can be found by reading the “Overview/Services” on the individual websites of these divisions and offices. Since 2000, DCCA has also striven to put more of itsservices on-line.

如果你能not find your subject matter, it may be handled by a different Federal, State or City and County agency. Please visit ourhelping hand对于通常被认为成为DCCA管辖权的一部分的地区的联系方式,但实际上由不同的机构处理。

General Services

DCCA is made up of 12 divisions and offices. The major services of these divisions and offices are: 1) the registration of businesses, securities and franchises; 2) the chartering or licensing of financial institutions, escrow depositories , money transmitters, professionals, insurance agents and companies, security dealers, brokers and investment advisers; 3) the regulation of cable franchises; 4) the examination of financial institutions, insurance companies; security dealers and investment advisers for health and soundness; 5) the handling of complaints against those entities that DCCA regulates; 6) protecting and advancing the interests of consumers of regulated utility and transportation services; 7) providing consumer education through brochures, videos and live presentations.

A quick summary can be found inDCCA的服务目录小册子.


这Office ofADMINISTRATIVE HEARINGS(OAH) conducts hearings and issues recommended decisions for cases originating in DCCA. DCCA cases can originate from BREG, DFI, RICO, PVL or SEB. The Medical Claims Conciliation Panel (MCCP) is also administered by this office.

BUSINESS REGISTRATIONdivision (BREG) regulates and oversees the securities industry and its filings. BREG examines securities firms, receives complaints, investigates and prosecutes securities violations. BREG also provides outreach to the public about investor fraud. Separately, BREG maintains the administrative business registry through which BREG registers marks, names and business entities like corporations, limited liability companies, and partnerships. BREG also runs the Business Action Centers, local offices that provide one-on-one help in completing state business registrations.


这Division ofCONSUMER倡导代表夏威夷公用事业委员会和各种联邦监管机构之前的公用事业和国有运输服务的消费者。

这Office ofCONSUMERPROTECTION(OCP) investigates consumer complaints in unfair or deceptive trade practices in advertising, refunds, motor vehicle rentals, door-to-door sales and credit practices. OCP is also responsible for the Landlord Tennant code and provides assistance to both landlords and tenants.

这division ofFINANCIAL INSTITUTIONS (DFI)在夏威夷州(包括银行;储蓄银行)规范国家特许或国有持牌金融机构;储蓄和贷款协会;外国银行分支机构,代理商办事处;信托公司;存款和非普通金融服务贷款公opebet体育网址司;和信用合作社),所有托管家,以及所有货币发动机。

opebet是uedbet吗 根据夏威夷修订法规第305J章,处理认可的二级学位授权机构的授权。

保险部门负责监督夏威夷保险业。该办公室问题许可证,审查了夏威夷公司的财政状况,审查利率和政策申请,并调查保险相关投诉。这CAPTIVE INSURANCE BRANCH (CIB)is a branch within the Insurance Division that specializes in the licensure, regulation, and administration of Hawaii-based captive insurance companies, as well as, the prudent development of the State’s captive insurance industry.

PROFESSIONALANDVOCATIONALLICENSING(PVL) division oversees the regulatory activities of 25 boards and commissions and 21 other licensing programs. PVL also contains theREALESTATE(REB) branch. REB is responsible for Real Estate and Condominium education, real estate licensing, and condominium project registration.

REGULATEDINDUSTRIESCOMPLAINTSOFFICE(RICO)调查和起诉针对授权的专业人士的投诉PVLand protects the public from unlicensed activities. This office also administers theState Certified Arbitration Program (SCAP)for “lemon” vehicles. TheConsumer Resource Center (CRC)is also part of RICO. CRC can give you information on a business’s complaint history and allow you to file complaints against a business.