Hawaii’s Lemon Law

Hawaii’s “Lemon Law” helps consumers who have problems getting their new or leased cars (or motorcycles) repaired under a manufacturer’s warranty. Through the program, eligible consumers can request arbitration with the manufacturer. Under certain conditions, a consumer may be awarded a refund or a replacement car. The cost to consumers is $50.00 and the fee is refunded if the consumer prevails.

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Take Charge of Your Money: Lemon Law, Knowing Your Rights

While each year only a small percentage of cars sold in the State are declared lemons, all new car buyers benefit from the program which creates incentives for manufacturers to deliver cars that are free from defect and to address on-going problems through efficient repair and voluntary recall.

Information for Consumers about Lemon Law

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Lemon Law Information for Manufacturers

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The State Certified Arbitration Program (SCAP), commonly referred to as Hawaii’s “Lemon Law”, is administered by the Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs’ Regulated Industries Complaints Office (RICO).

For questions or for more information about filing a claim, call the RICOConsumer Resource Centerat 808-587-4272 or email us at[email protected].

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